Emotional Integration

Do you feel like you have feelings in you that you would like to release but don't really know how?

Do you find yourself holding back tears because you feel like you don't have time to cry due to a hectic life or fear of upsetting your children?

Are you curious if your body is holding onto feelings but you aren't in touch with what those feelings could be?

Would you like to create a safe space to get in touch with your feelings and FEEL your feelings to their full extent so they no longer resurface and you think "Why am I angry over this again"?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then Integrative Emotional Healing is something you can greatly benefit from.

What happens in this type of healing session?

(This session is done in person or by phone)

You will lie on my healing table in person. Or by phone, you will get into a relaxed position. With the assistance from the Divine Team, I will be guided to place my hands on a spot on your body where you are holding an emotion, or by phone you will feel my energy over that particular spot.

The spot I sense where an emotion is stuck will usually feel tender, tense, or painful at first.

I will ask you to put your attention on that spot and see if you can see an image or thought that comes to mind when you think of that spot. You might see a sad memory or maybe feel a strong feeling like anger. Other times you might not see or think of anything but just feel a tenseness. Just go with whatever comes to mind or what you sense and I will be asking you to breathe into it.

The point is to make space, make it safe for you to feel any feeling that comes your way. Breathing into the feeling and staying present with the feeling (not letting your mind wander off) enables that stuck emotion to release out of your body.The release also causes a transmutation of energy that was once trapped in a muscle or organ and returns back into to a healthy state in your body. Thus it is integrative process.

Your job is to let yourself feel, no matter how silly your emotions feel, even if you find yourself crying over something that seems childish or something that happened at age 7. Give yourself room and space to feel anything and everything that comes your way. Sometimes even past life memory comes into play.

Some people will cry for a whole hour, others may not cry but get in touch with sources of anger, confusion, and frustration they have been holding.

I will ensure that you stay with the feeling and I will also be feeling the feeling with you, so I will know when you have felt the feeling to its full extent and it has thus released from the spot it has been trapped in.

Learning to stay present and feel your feelings takes practice. We are human beings. We have a tendency to automatically choose not to feel a feeling to its full extent because it feels uncomfortable. We will only feel it half way and then stuff our mouth with a lot of food, shop till we drop, exercise too much, or work non stop, smoke and drink excessively, etc.

As humans we learn by rote learning. We must do things over and over until it sticks with us!

Having an Integrative Healing session from time to time will be a very good reminder and teacher of truly being there for yourself by giving yourself permission to finally cry and feel emotion in a safe conscious way.

Integrative Emotional Healing session will usually take up to an hour and a half ($375)

The average session tends to be an hour and a half.

If you plan on doing this type of session, please be aware that it can be super disorienting due to the release of a lot of emotion and you will need to make sure you have time to rest afterward, two days of doing nothing is recommended.

If you are on vacation in Sedona, give yourself space to do activities that don't require any thinking, like being alone in nature and reading a book, etc.