Practioner Referrals

These are high quality services that I highly recommend if you would like to work with someone over the phone or in person while you are visiting Sedona.

Psychic Channel, Tarot Readings, Energy Clearing with Chromotherapy, Wellness Coach

Jay Ts

Jay was born empathic, and quite intuitive on many levels. He is what I call the "psychic" engineer, a very rare breed indeed. He is a perfect combination of left and right brain synchronization. This enables him to be quite the amazing teacher, coach, and innovative counselor. He has a lot to offer, and has a wealth of wisdom to share on ANY topic from direct experience. His passion is connecting with the plants and animals, helping people appreciate nature. He has suffered greatly through life due to various health issues, and overcame those issues through mind body spirit integration.

Sedona Vortex Tours/RetreatsOne Tribe Tours

I feel Dan and Irina of One Tribe Tours are the best vortex tours available! They also offer spiritual retreats, and other services. Definitely check them out!

Massage/body work/classes,retreats, etc
Lori Lane
Lori Lane provides all kinds of services, but I have only tried her sound healing tuning fork massage work. She is FANTASTIC. A very intuitive grounded woman that is very spiritually connected. She can offer any type of massage you would like to experience as well!

Medium for deceased and animal communicator for phone sessions

Charles Peden  (in Tucson AZ)

He is excellent, and FUN! He's great with animals alive or deceased. He's great as a Medium as well! I love this guy.