Trauma Work

I have been through a variety of experiences involving mental, emotional, and physical abuse. I have suffered PTSD, agoraphobia, panic and anxiety disorders. I have suffered physical, mental, and emotional addictions. I have been severely rejected, lost the closest people in my life to suicide, murder, and sudden death. I know what it is like to have no support, friends, and connection to family. I also know what it is like to be isolated, alone, and live a contemplative life.

I also had no choice but to rely on Master Teachers in spirit to help me overcome these situations. They taught me how to harness the power of being in this present moment without thoughts of past or future. That power transmutes all pain and suffering. I went to absolutely miserable to absolutely at peace. I never thought I would get to this beautiful place, but I did and life is meant to be this way!!!
I now how it all feels, and I am not afraid of diving into it with you. I have worked with the worst possible situation you can imagine, and helped many recover. I have worked with murder, suicide, all forms of abuse, and even satanic/psychic abuse. My biggest honor was helping people in prison find their heart. It was so buried in trauma.

Love will prevail.

I can help you through move though these things, as I can feel and see the root of it all. It is nothing but a great pleasure and joy to help your spirit shine though the darkness, and transmute much of this suffering. My work with this coupled with you doing the homework to create wellness within your body, mind, and spirit is a great success.

Sessions can be an hour or longer if needed.

What is most important, is that you are willing to feel all the feelings that come up, and I will feel them as well, so together we can dive deeply into them so that they are transmuted. Feelings buried alive never die, they only fester and create a lot of health problems and addictions. No amount of food, alcohol, exercise, sex, etc will snuff out feelings that are buried. So come on and dive into it all, it isn't as bad as it seems when you have someone to share it with, as well as allowing Divine Guidance to help the process.

The end result, is that you will feel much lighter, and a deep sense of peace. True integration takes place within mind, body, and spirit.